Services Provided

All services are available to residents of Ohio, including members of the Ohio State University community, and are currently being offered via telehealth.

Therapy Services

Couples Therapy

  • The most common goal is to improve the relationship.
  • We can also help couples decide whether or not they should continue to stay together.
  • Therapy can include improving communication, balancing responsibilities, recovery from infidelity, or coping with stressors.
  • Therapy can be short term or long term depending on the level of distress in the relationship.

Individual Therapy

  • Individuals seek therapy for help with issues that are hard to face alone.
  • This type of therapy can help people overcome obstacles in life, improve their relationships, and learn skills to handle difficult situations.

Due to the high volume of new client requests, we are not offering individual therapy services at this time.

Family Therapy for Children and Adolescents

  • Families seek therapy to strengthen relationships between parents and children that are experiencing difficulties with their emotions or behaviors.
  • This type of therapy can help improve relationships within the family, manage stressors, and increase parenting confidence.

AAMFT Approved Supervision

  • We provide individual or group training supervision for Marriage and Family Therapists in Ohio.
  • This is for licensed Marriage and Family Therapists working toward independent licensure.  Individual supervision takes place throughout the week and group supervision takes place on select Saturdays for several hours.
  • For AAMFT Approved Supervision please call 614-292-3671 or email to schedule a complimentary 1 hour appointment to meet with the facilitator and to learn more about this opportunity.



We are not contracted with any insurance companies including OSU health plans.  Although some clients have been successful in obtaining reimbursement from their insurance companies using their “out of network” benefits, this is not guaranteed.  If clients are seeking to use their “out of network” benefits, they must check with their insurance company prior to the start of receiving services at the OSU CFT clinic.